The biofeedback process


I am a certified biofeedback technician. As such, I am qualified to coach, demonstrate, educate, empower and mentor my clients to improve their health and well-being. Through our biofeedback sessions, you and I will work together to manage your stress. This process can help your body through self regulation, improving your quality of life.


Here is what I will do for you:

  • COACH you on exercises to do at our sessions and in-between sessions
  • DEMONSTRATE these exercises to you so you will have a clear understanding of how to accomplish them
  • EDUCATE you on topics that will help with your specific issue
  • EMPOWER you to take charge of your health and your life
  • MENTOR you by teaching you skills to help in solving your own health concerns
  • I will do the above without diagnosing, prescribing or treating you



Janis Macleod, CBT      Benicia, CA    (707)373.0695